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A reluctant maid-of-honor must attend her best friend’s off-the-grid wedding in the woods, where she's forced to confront her ex-girlfriend, all her more successful college friends, and every bad choice she’s made in her life so far. But when someone in the wedding party goes missing, a mysterious park ranger drags Jess into the woods to search for him and Jess discovers that the strongest force of nature at this wedding...might be her.


Written & Directed by

Mandy Fabian

Produced by

Mandy June Turpin

Sarah Chaney

Heather Olt


Executive Produced by

Patrick Fabian

Kelly Steckelberg

Jess Plus None is writer/director Mandy Fabian's feature directorial debut.  Committed to doing comedy from a female perspective since she began her career, she wanted to make a feminist rom-com where the lead ends up single and happy, so she combined her love of camping and the movie The Big Chill, and Jess Plus None was born. Her projects have been featured in festivals all over the world, and her short Somebody's Mother won her Best Filmmaker of the Year by NewFilmmakers LA.  An alumni of the Sony Television Directors Program, she was also one of six directors chosen to lead an all-female crew for the Women's Weekend Film Challenge in 2020.

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