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This video has been deleted.

Written & Directed by

Mandy Fabian

Produced by

Mandy June Turpin

Sarah Chaney

Heather Olt


Executive Produced by

Patrick Fabian

Kelly Steckelberg


Abby Miller

Marielle Scott

Rory O’Malley 

Alexis Krause

Scott Speiser

Michael Dunn

Tate Ellington

Scout Durwood

Craig Thomas 

Shalim Ortiz

Asenneth Del Toro


Matt Walsh

Writer/ Director Mandy Fabian

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A recently heartbroken, electronics-addicted woman is the maid-of-honor at her hippie best friend’s off-the-grid wedding in the woods, where she’ll be confronted by her ex-girlfriend, all of her more successful and happily coupled college friends, and every horrible choice she’s made in her life so far.  But while facing her demons and sleeping on the hard ground, Jess discovers the strongest force of nature at this wedding...might be her.

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